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Rules were promulgated as set forth by the enabling legislation, C.R.S. 13-90-(201 to 210) and a nine-member Advisory Council was established to advise the Commission’s Legal Auxiliary Services in matters pertinent to the provision of quality auxiliary services (Sign Language Interpreters/CART/Assistive Listening Systems) to deaf and hard of hearing individuals and the Colorado State Courts.


Name Position 2-Year Term End Date First or Second Term
Kirk Neuroth Commission Liason
Rachel Naiman Deaf 06/30/2016 Second
Larliisa McClung Interpreter 06/30/2017 First
Vacant Interpreter 06/30/2017 First
Carole Custer Hard of Hearing 06/30/2017 First
Dian Humphrey CART 06/30/2017 First
Mathew Ruggles Deaf 06/30/2016 Second
Liz Keyser Interpreter 06/30/2016 Second
Vickie Pacheco Hard of Hearing 06/30/2016 Second
Mark McMullen Disability Law 06/30/2017 Second

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