Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
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    The Latest

    FCC Adopts Real-Time Text Proposed Rulemaking
    Commission Moves Forward on Accessibility Proposal to Modernize Wireless Phone Compatibility with Advanced Text Communications
    "This technology would allow Americans who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech disabled or deaf-blind to use the same wireless communications devices as their friends, relatives and colleagues, and more seamlessly integrate into tomorrow's communications networks."
    Go to to read the entire press release.
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    How a Deaf-Blind Consumer Receives Equipment and Training in iCanConnect:

    Once someone applies and is approved for the iCanConnect program, an in-home assessment is performed to identify what type of equipment is best suited for him or her, to ensure the right equipment is chosen and training goals are established.

    After the assessment is conducted, the assessor puts through an equipment request. The equipment must match the participant’s existing skill sets.

    The trainer will then come into the participant’s home to set up the equipment and begin training on how to use the equipment for the distance communication goals outlined in the assessment. Training sessions last an average of two hours, and multiple sessions often take place. Participants can also follow up with trainers over the phone and by email.

    Across the nation, many iCanConnect trainers are blind, and some are deaf-blind. Some know American Sign Language, some don’t. For those who don’t, the iCanConnect program provides interpreters when needed.

    For more information on the program go to, or to receive an application go to
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